Frequently Asked Questions

We here at the PIYOGA team are doing everything we can to get your order out as soon as possible! We usually ship orders within one business day. We do not ship orders on the weekend or on holidays.

I'm ordering international and am concerned about shipping time: International orders in particular have been affected, as customs has been delayed as well. Please keep in mind that delays are a possibility if you are ordering outside of the US. We do ship through Amazon Canada and Amazon UK for European customers! 

Should I order priority? If getting your products by a certain date is important to you- we recommend Priority or Expedited shipping. We cannot guarantee a delivery time frame on Standard orders. 

My package says "Delivered" but it is not: USPS's delivery notification is also going awry. Please allow an additional 2 business days past getting the notification to see if they drop it off- if not, please contact your courier or local Post Office. They have been holding onto packages without alerting the customers. It is exceedingly rare that a package marked "Delivered" is truly missing. 

We cannot, as a third party, contact the Post Office on your behalf- whether to inquire about estimated delivery time, or to ask if they are holding your package. This is to protect your privacy and property.

My order hasn't updated tracking in a while/at all - Don't panic, just send us an email at! Sometimes the package is well on its way and tracking has not updated on the customer end, and we are happy to update you on the status of your package. 

General FAQ

FAQ #1: How do I find my size?

bradyleffler are designed for every BODY. The waist band is designed to flatter your natural curves and avoid the dreaded "muffin top".

We have 4 sizes in our Scrunch Bottom Style. Click here to shop now!

bradyleffler stretch at the waist a lot which is nice because they cover a wide range of sizes! Click here to see our Size Charts.

bradyleffler. Yoga pants that fit any size from size 0-2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and more! yoga pants for plus size women, yoga pants for tall women, yoga pants for petite women. comfortably yoga pants

FAQ #2: Why are bradyleffler different from other yoga pants?

They're Comfortable

bradyleffler are unique from any other ordinary yoga pants. They are super soft, very comfortable and most noticeably they are very lightweight and breathable. The unique design of the waistband and elastic ankle allows the pants to accommodate many different sizes for babies, kids, women and men. 

They're Perfect for Travel

bradyleffler are versatile and perfect for travel! Some call them airplane pants since they are comfortable enough to wear on an 18 hour plane ride. The pockets are also designed to fit your passport perfectly! (That's what happens when avid travelers design your pants!) Not to mention bradyleffler are perfect for wearing to the beach while you're on vacation and also essential when you need to wear something lightweight but want to visit a temple, where you need to cover up. 

bradyleffler are breathable, you can wear them in 100 degree weather without exposing your skin directly to the harsh sun. The elastic ankle is designed to keep you cool and can be pulled up to your calf so you can wear the pants as capris for a totally different look, which helps when you want to pack light when you travel! The elastic ankle also protects your legs from mosquitoes and can be pulled over your heel to protect your ankle from bites, too. 

Even better, they dry super fast which makes them perfect as a beach cover up when you jump out of the ocean and are still a little wet. The boutique designs make them fancy enough to wear to a nice dinner even if you head to dinner straight after the beach!

Best of all, they are incredibly lightweight! The shorts weigh only 2 oz, the petite pants weigh only 5 ounces, the scrunched bottom weigh 7 ounces, and the men's weigh 9 ounces. Talk about being a light traveler! You'll definitely be able to travel with only a carry on when you travel with PI.


They're Breathable

Made with 100% rayon (which is made from wood pulp) bradyleffler are super breathable. It's been tested that rayon actually works better than cotton at wicking away sweat which is perfect if you want to wear your pants for yoga or any other time you work up a sweat. Also, rayon will not pill the way cotton does (you know when you get those little balls on your cotton shirts? That's call pilling) so your clothes stay looking new for a long time! Rayon will also not block your pores the way that spandex or polyester does. Did you know, polyester, since polyester is actually made from plastic. Imagine putting saran wrap around your skin and working out. It just doesn't make sense.


FAQ #3: What activities can my bradyleffler endure?

PI Yoga Pants have been put through the test of daily life since May, 2016. From yoga, Pilates, skating, sky diving, rock climbing, the office, the beach, traveling, and sleeping our customers agree this is the one pair of pants they never want to take off. You can count on your bradyleffler to keep you comfortable, fresh, and confident with every step. 

FAQ #4: How do you help save the sea turtles?

We donate 10% of net profits to sea turtle conservation efforts around the world! Learn all about our sea turtle and ocean conservation efforts here.

FAQ #5: How should I wash my PIYOGA apparel?

This is an important one! Please wash your PI apparel by hand with cold water and hang them to dry. Since they are made from rayon they will dry a lot faster than your cotton clothes! NEVER wash your pants with warm or hot water. NEVER put them in the dryer. Doing so VOIDS the return policy.

FAQ #6: How long will it take to receive my PIYOGA Apparel?

All orders will be processed the same day, or next business day if placed after 3pm. If we are experiencing a high volume of orders (example: a big sale is going on), shipments may be delayed a few days. Please allow additional days in transit for delivery. If there is a significant delay in shipment of your order, we will contact you via email.

COVID NOTICE: USPS is significantly delayed. See above notice at the top of the page. We have multiple warnings on our site prior to checkout about this issue active currently.

FAQ #7: Do you ship international?

 Yes, we do! International shipping rates may apply at check out.


FAQ #8: What is your return policy?

We offer a 30 day return and exchange policy for unworn, unused items. For exchanges we ask that you pay for the shipping to get them to us, and we will pay for the shipping to get them back to you. Please respect the return policy. We cannot accept returns that have clearly been worn, damaged, or if the tags have been removed. If you would like to return your pants, please email us at


 If you still have questions, please email us at: